Glorious Hope is a program that equips individuals to address personal life issues and more. The systematic process helps them identify and resolve issues that are manifestations of deep-seated hurts as a result of their family dynamics.

As a way of surviving over the years, people have adopted certain coping mechanisms that have formed and shaped their behavior and attitude 

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Glorious Hope is a unique discipleship and leadership program that focuses on making us aware of the condition of our hearts using life coaching as its tool.

For twenty (20) Saturdays, participants go through lessons that will make them aware of their traits and skills developed through the years due to their family dynamics and environment. These traits and skills, when misused, can be the cause of their habits, choices in life, and behavior. Through the program, they will realize that these traits can be grown and developed from being self-centered to Christ and other-centered.

The group process enables participants to understand themselves and their patterns of responses. This group dynamics will pave a way for the discovery of using these traits and skills as tools to reach their goals and objective in a healthy manner. The whole experience will empower the participants, teach them to harness their traits and survival skills and equip them to become healthy leaders leading others.

Individuals. You learn to understand yourself and are equipped with life skills that help deal with various life challenges.

Families. You learn how to respond to marital conflict, rebellious or delinquent children, and emotional detachment from one another.

Leaders. If you are a professional, pastor, full-time church worker, or someone in a leadership position, you get equipped with life coaching and mentoring skills.

12 Steps. 17 Lessons.

The 12 steps are basic. These steps are simple, practical in application, systematic, and progressive. Learning and applying the 12 Steps make major life change possible through God. The program is a continuing journey, which one adopts as a lifestyle.

Step study. Large meeting. Assignment.

During a step study, the life coach guides the discussion as the participants identify and explore their workbook answers in relation to the particular lesson or step. The life coach also helps the participants take steps toward resolving issues within the program guidelines.

After the step study session, a large meeting is held and the next lesson is presented. This meeting begins with worship songs and is followed by one or two testimonies from former participants.

At the end of each session, the participants are given time to reflect on the questions and answer the assignments on their workbook. They have the whole week until the next Glorious Hope session to do this. The assignments are carefully designed exercises that explore the participant’s personal life in a non-confrontational manner.

3 Glorious Hope workbooks — orange, green, and yellow.

Each workbook has a specific theme and purpose as indicated by their color.

Usually, 20 weeks.

Day 1   - Orientation
Day 2  - Lesson 1    - Denial & Powerlessness
Day 3  - Lesson 2   - Unmanageable
Day 4  - Lesson 3   - Sanity
Day 5  - Lesson 4   - Hope
Day 6  - Lesson 5   - Decision
Day 7  - Lesson 6   - Action
Day 8  - Lesson 7   - Moral Inventory
Day 9  - Lesson 8   - Resentment
Day 10 - Lesson 9   - Emotions
Day 11  - Lesson 10  - Confess
Day 12 - Lesson 11   - Commitment
Day 13 - Lesson 12  - Discipline
Day 14 - Lesson 13  - Relationship
Day 15 - Lesson 14  - Reconciliation
Day 16 - Lesson 15  - Purpose
Day 17 - Lesson 16  - Priorities
Day 18 - Lesson 17  - Mission
Day 19 - Last Step Study Session
Day 20 - Thanksgiving

Attendance, snacks, and drinks are FREE! Participants are asked to pay ₱100 for each workbook. Donations are also welcome. Click HERE to see instructions on how you can donate to this program.