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The Heart Matters

Change. It’s something we’re not fond of because we know what it entails. But it’s also something we knew we needed at some point in our lives. Up to today, we may actually continue to. We tell ourselves that we’re changing, but it just doesn’t happen. We tried to change our looks, our actions, or even our thoughts, and what we were hoping for still didn’t come. We only found ourselves disappointed because it didn’t work, or it did, but it didn’t last. Either way, both left us silently hoping to find another way that would work. We thought and thought and hoped those thoughts would stick, but they didn’t. In this never-ending process, we realize that there may be something missing. Something that we recognize and acknowledge often, but we forget is an essential part of this journey. We were so focused on the thought that this missing puzzle piece can only be associated with our emotions and feelings. Or that it only deals with love. But it matters more than we know: the heart matters.

Matters of the Heart

The realization of how much the heart matters will only come when we also come to know the matters of the heart. We must understand that the choices and decisions we are making now had and have a connection to our past. Our experiences in the past and the memories that were stored molded our perspective. When something in our life happens, we react based on our memories and past experiences. The lens in which we see our current life and the world around us, have been influencing everything we do, and how we think, react, or respond. All of which aren’t dealt with in our heads but our hearts. Changing our thoughts alone would not work. We will just be stuck in the same situation over and over as we repeatedly respond in the same way. In the repetitive cycle, we might find ourselves frustrated as we begin to think that something is wrong with us. This frustration may lead to beating ourselves up for not being able to change but repeating everything, hoping it would work the next time. But it won’t. We have to see and acknowledge that the heart matters in this process. Understanding what is in our hearts and aligning our thoughts to the deeper layers: our desires and our identity is the process we need to go through for a lasting change. This is what HeartMatters is all about. Change will not happen if we address what’s on the surface. Change should begin from within our hearts for it to successfully flow beyond.